The Goods: Searching for Peter Forsberg Again

02/11/2011 6:15 PM -  Ian Gooding

Since just about every fantasy hockey writer has provided his/her opinion of Peter Forsberg, I thought I’d jump in and provide my two cents worth as well.

Of all the players I have covered during my time as content editor at, perhaps none have been more intriguing to write about than Forsberg. I would link two previous articles that I had written on Forsberg the last time he played in the NHL, but these articles are posted on the old site and are no longer available.

Why the title “Searching for Peter Forsberg”, you ask? My original article, of the same title, made reference to the fact that no team could sign him prior to the 2007-08 season, since his status was so up in the air (guess why). Perhaps there was some reclusiveness on his part, as in the case of chess master Bobby Fischer. But Forsberg is reclusive no more – in fact, the title would more aptly describe fantasy owners typing Forsberg’s name in the search box on their waiver wire.

Speaking of which, today (Friday) is the day that Forsberg has finally cleared waivers in Yahoo leagues. At the time of writing, Forsberg’s ownership is at 26 percent and counting, up from zero percent the day before.  Since I play in obsessive-compulsive competitive leagues, Forsberg is no longer up for grabs in all four of the Yahoo leagues that I participate in.

So what will things be like for the lucky winners of the Foppa sweepstakes? The best analogy that I can use is that owning Forsberg is like owning an older-model Porsche: very few cars on the road will keep up, yet you should probably get the car checked out before taking any out-of-town road trips. If you don’t believe me, check out the length of Forsberg’s transactions/injuries list on his player profile.

If you only want to consider recent history, I’ll provide his injury history from 2007-08, his last NHL season, when he appeared in nine regular-season games and seven playoff games:

2008/03/17: Missed four games (groin)

2008/03/24: Missed two games (groin)

2008/04/01: Missed one game (groin)

2008/04/29: Missed Game 1 and 2 of Round Two against the Detroit Red Wings (back injury)

2008/05/02: Missed Game 4 of Round Two against the Detroit Red Wings (back injury)

Forsberg played a total of 16 games, and he missed a total of 10 games that season. I know that none of the injuries are listed as foot injuries. But remember that the root of the problem was Forsberg’s foot, which wouldn’t fit into a skate easily.

I’m not necessarily going to proclaim that you shouldn’t add Forsberg in your league and that he should be someone else’s problem. Players who possess the ability to exceed a point per game don’t regularly appear on the waiver wire. However, you have to own the right type of team and be the right type of owner to make this work. For example, Forsberg’s never-ending game-time decision status means that I wouldn’t recommend him in any weekly leagues. However, I’d give the green light to add him in daily leagues. If you now own (or will own) Forsberg, you should be the type that lives at your computer, similar to a manual eBay sniper (but not an automated sniper, because that doesn’t work in fantasy hockey). Don’t bother with Forsberg if you are the type of team owner that checks your team only once a week.

The good news is that the Forsberg signing could provide the spark that other Avalanche players need right now. Matt Duchene has only three points in his last 11 games, Paul Stastny has only one goal in his last 11 games, and Chris Stewart has only one goal in his last 15 games. Currently the Avs are on a five-game losing streak with only two goals scored over the last three games. Avs coach Joe Sacco won’t be easing Forsberg into the lineup, as he is expected to play alongside Duchene and Milan Hejduk on Friday. The Blue Jackets are one of the many teams that the Avalanche will need to climb over if they are to re-secure a playoff spot in the tight Western Conference.

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  1. Mike Tedone says:

    Skating ability is very poor and not a case of “getting legs back” either..mechanics of his actual stride are brutal so he’s an easy pass in my eyes. Hands and playmaking ability are still there tho so maybe based on the amount of talent in Av’s top 6 coupled with some decent PP time he scores at a 60 point pace from here out best case scenario…if that helps add him otherwise I wouldn’t dump any 60+ option you currently roster for him as his weak skating ability will prevent him from being a significant fantasy asset like he was in years past, even aside from his proneness to injury.

  2. Garrett Rees says:

    Ha, wow, you really don’t like Forsberg, do you? I think you are also forgetting that not everyone plays in default leagues.

  3. Ian Gooding says:

    I attended a 2001 playoff game between the Canucks and the Avalanche, a game in which Forsberg scored the overtime winner. I’m not going to type what I yelled at Forsberg after he scored that goal.

    Forsberg just has a certain quality that makes me enjoy writing about him. Who knows where he would rank among the greats had his career not been sidelined with the injuries.

  4. Garrett Rees says:

    Forgot to mention that my comment was to Mike.

    I went ahead and picked up in a couple of leagues, but the only league I am in that has the default amount of teams and players on each team I didn’t bother picking him up as all of my centers I like better than him.

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