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12/28/2011 10:59 PM -  Ian Gooding


I was recently offered a trade: Sidney Crosby (yes, Sidney) and Tuukka Rask for Ryan Kesler.
My initial instinct was – no-brainer. However, the more I thought about it, I have no idea when (and if) Sid’s coming back and Kesler’s been hot. I’m a B’s fan and so I know that Rask has been the best backup in the league and will get another 15-20 starts from here on out. I’ve also considered that I could turn around and swing Nikolai Khabibulin, Jonas Hiller, or J. S. Giguere (picked him up for Curtis Sanford) to replace Kesler.
The last thing to consider is that we have two keepers in this league and, at worst, Sid could be one of mine next year (if he plays). But I’ve always been a guy who plays for right NOW instead of the future (I traded Steven Stamkos last year for Ilya Kovalchuk, Jeff Carter, Patrick Sharp, and Cam Ward – couldn’t say no – and it helped me win the championship).
Basically, I’m leery about giving up a guy in Kesler who’s hot right now for a guy who might not play again this year – or next! But then again I’d also be getting a backup goalie who has better numbers than all four of my starting goalies.

Am I overthinking this? What are your thoughts?
Thanks, Andy

Hi Andy,

Yeah, that’s an interesting one. On one hand, your team looks like it could use better goaltending. On the other hand, you could wind up with a Rask for Kesler trade, if Crosby doesn’t play this year (and that’s a real possibility, unfortunately).

If you are rebuilding for the future, then this is the right deal, even with the slight chance that Crosby never plays again. Rask will eventually replace Tim Thomas as the Bruins’ starting goalie. But if you are in a position to win the title this year, then Kesler is the player who will easily provide you with the most production out of the three players involved. I’m assuming the other guy is trying to unload Crosby because he’s trying to win the title too. (Note: Andy emailed me afterward to say that the other guy is currently in second place.) But I have a rule when making deals – I never trade for injured players. Even if they are close to returning or day-to-day… which can turn into week-to-week… and month-to-month… and then you get the short end of the stick.


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  1. Daryn Ackers says:

    Hi Ian, Im in a deep keeper league and have been offered Ovechkin, Backstrom, Miller and Kane for Crosby, Duchene, Benn, Fleury and a 1st rounder. Im currently in 9th and only the top 6 earn money. Our league includes +/- and playoffs. My concern is losing Crosby after I won this pool with him 3 years ago when they won the cup. I also have Toews on my squad and would like to have 4 players on 2 of the best teams in the league.

    Let me know what you think

  2. Ian Gooding says:

    Hi Daryn,

    Sorry about the delay, as I am no longer writing for and only check the site occasionally. You can find my work now at

    That’s a pretty massive trade you’ve got on the table. My thought is that Crosby is the biggest name here, so trading him would depend on whether you’re willing to win a little bit of money this year or a lot later. I think the supplementary players that you would receive are slightly better than the ones you would be giving up, but overall this trade is really difficult to weigh, given Crosby’s situation.

    Go ahead and make the deal if you feel strongly about making it, but pass on it if you’re the slightest bit unsure. Sometimes the best deal is the one not made.

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