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01/05/2011 1:57 AM -  Ian Gooding

Hello Ian. With Pavel Datsyuk injured, I feel that now would be a perfect time to propose a trade to the manager that owns him and get him while there’s a slight opening. I’m not sure what package I should give him. I’m pretty sure it has to be a two for one because I’m not willing to part is anyone on the same level as Datsyuk (I am willing to part with multiple pieces whose value adds up to Datsyuk). With that said, here is my team:

C- Henrik Zetterberg, Tomas Plekanec, David Krejci
LW- Dany Heatley, James Neal, Taylor Hall
RW- Martin St. Louis, Loui Eriksson
D- Dan Girardi, Kimmo Timonen, Dennis Seidenberg, Erik Karlsson
G- Miikka Kiprusoff, Carey Price, Michal Neuvirth, Ondrej Pavelec

The categories are: G, A, P, +/-, PPP, GWG, BLK, SOG & W, GAA, SV, SV%, SHO

The players available on free agency are R.J. Umberger, Anthony Stewart, Chris Kunitz, Jeff Skinner, Sam Gagner, and Ryan Callahan.

I feel like my best offer could be Plekanec and Neal for Datsyuk. Can you think of any other possibilities? I’m just really worried because I sacrificed one of my forwards to have an extra goalie (Pavelec) and losing the two I would be trading is a HUGE loss for my team. In addition to that, there seems to be some uncertainty about whether Detroit will even put Datsyuk on IR (because they already have more than enough forwards on their roster), which means he would just be sitting on my team handicapping me. If I do make a trade, who should I add off free agency (obviously Kunitz is a must and I’m shocked he’s still available, but who else.)

Lastly, I drafted Tyler Myers but eventually had to drop him because he wasn’t scoring or blocking shots and his +/- was horrible. But I’ve been tracking him and he seems to be heating up. Should I go for him? If so, who should I drop? The four I have block A LOT of shots for me (often winning the category just by themselves) so it’s hard for me to just throw one of them aside.


Hi V,

I wouldn’t suggest parting with Plekanec and Neal for Datsyuk, and here’s why. You’d be trading two players who are producing, or are at least better than what you have on your waiver wire, for a player who may not see any action for another month. That number could increase if Datsyuk experiences any setbacks or if he re-injures the wrist (remember, he has to shoot with it, and he won’t play or be effective if it doesn’t feel right). If I were to make a trade for Datsyuk, I think I’d offer up only one player, and that player would be Neal. This trade will obviously be better for your opponent short-term, but you could be laughing by the fantasy playoffs. “Hopefully” Datsyuk is back by then, and there’s a strong possibility that the Stars will be forced to trade Brad Richards, which could reduce Neal’s fantasy value significantly. But I’d advise you to wait until Datsyuk is on IR before making the offer, so that you are not carrying Datsyuk on your roster while he is injured and you can add a replacement in the meantime. If you can add a player, I’d have to agree that Kunitz is the best option, since he is playing alongside one Sidney Crosby.

I wouldn’t hesitate to re-acquire Myers, since he has way too much talent to be sitting on the waiver wire. If you are dominating the blocked shots category, then you can easily afford to drop one of your other d-men. As I advised another reader to do in the Mailbag, I would drop Seidenberg. His point totals haven’t benefitted from playing alongside Zdeno Chara as many had predicted before the preseason.

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